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Remember who you are. Know your strengths.

Stand in balance.

Ready for some help on the journey?

We signed up for this tour around the galaxy...

We must have had a purpose in mind. Now is the time to realize our gifts and

step forward to offer them.  We each have a place of being. 


Knowing how to stand in balance in that very place will allow the grace and

energy that we are to expand along the web of life all around our world.


I can help you. We can help each other.


Expect shifts in your perspective of life, or disease, or attitude, or the nature of the symptoms you are carrying.  

Work through emotions or beliefs that might be blocking your success in life or health, relationships or work. 

Weddings, baby blessings, memorials, or 

ceremonies to release negativity and embrace a new path.

This collection of fourteen essays and four poems is used by Reiki Masters of all lineages as an inspirational addition to their classes.

Romantic, psychic mysteries that offer circular tales about relationships across time.

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