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Individual Sessions

Reclining comfortably with your clothes loosened around you, you might feel yourself floating in a relaxing moment in time. One session may be enough. Multiple sessions might be needed. Expect shifts in your perspective of life, or disease, or attitude, or the nature of the symptoms you are carrying. 


(1 ½ hours, Sliding scale $75 - $150)

Individual Sessions

Distant Sessions

After you send me your photo and deposit, we will communicate by phone to determine date and time. While you are comfortably resting, I will be the conduit to offer Reiki to you for healing support. When you awaken, you will call me, and we will discuss your impressions.

(1/2 hour, Sliding scale $25 - $50)


“Thanks you so much for our distant session last week. The Reiki healing was sweet, powerful and healing. I also wanted to thank you for relaying that important information from the Divine and being a clear conduit for me. If you would like more clients, I am happy to highly recommend you to others.”

IW, Seattle, WA

Distant Sessions

Personal Growth Facilitation

This is like a basic Reiki session; however, you will be asked to follow the placement of my hands. If we sense an area that is blocked, you will be asked to see, observe, possibly process. I have many tools to assist you, as you are always the overseer in this experience. As a Personal Growth Facilitator, I support your insight into the mystery and metaphor of who you see yourself to be and what blocks you might have built to prevent you from being all you can be. 

(2 hours, $100-$200)


“Earlene has a rare gift. She is able to help me reach deep into my dream world, my personal mythology and the network of imagery within my body. She shines a light into places I had not seen, helps to push through tight spots and bring balance to an ever-changing river of awareness. I am always grateful.”

RC, Willits, CA

Personal Growth Facilitation

Reiki Classes, First & Second Degree

First Degree: Opening to Universal Life Energy, Reiki, through the attunements of The Usui System of Natural Healing, can increase your sensitivity to life. It can lead you to places and people that will promote inner growth. This two-day class teaches all you need to know about first healing yourself then being able to offer your hands to others. Four attunements are spaced throughout the class to ensure your personal opening to this energy, expand your capacity to channel it, and to have it sealed in. 

If you are interested, contact me. Classes are formed when students appear.

(Two days, 6 hrs. each. $150. Discount available if you sponsor a class)


Second Degree:  This degree of practice requires a next level of integrity and responsibility regarding your offering of Reiki to others. I suggest a three-month waiting period between First Degree and Second Degree training. Completing and documenting full one-on-one sessions (up to five) during this time will be honored with a $25 credit for each toward the cost of this two-day class.

(3 – 4 days, over two months, $500)

Reiki, First & Second Level

Reiki Classes, Master Level

I request you make formal application for this level of instruction. Please communicate with me via a letter or email with information regarding your experiences with Reiki, your practice, any other therapeutic modality you may have studied, and why you want to become a Master. I also would like to know why you want to study with me. Other details will be discussed after this application.

(One year, Negotiable)

Reiki, Master Level

Life Passage Ceremonies

Whether you want a wedding, baby blessing, memorial, or a ceremony to release negativity and embrace a new path, please contact me so we can discuss the details of your wishes and my ability to assist you. In order to help create your personal ceremony, I like to interview you (and anyone else who is part of the ceremony) after you’ve completed a questionnaire. I have prepared many different styles and flavors of ceremonies, (Celtic, Pagan, Jewish, Danish, Cowboy, Native American, etc.) 

Wedding: “Thank you is not even close to what we would like to say. You made our day so absolutely perfect. Everyone fell in love with you as did we. The ceremony was exactly what we wanted, thanks to your serene grace.” D&J

Memorial/Celebration: “Standing as officiant for our father’s celebration of life lifted so much responsibility off our shoulders. We were able to mingle with friends and leave the details to you. I know our mom appreciated the fact that you gathered stories from those who didn’t want to talk. Your prayer settled us and sent him on his way.” K&B

Birthing Circle: “You brought us together in a way that made us feel like a team. We knew how to support our friend as she prepared for childbirth and how to focus on the blessing of life rather than the fear of delivery.” KR

Integration: “Learning how to set a circle, climb in, and pray has helped me immensely. It brings me peace.” CL

Rites of Passage
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