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  • Earlene Gleisner

Anchoring in Beliefs

The days are getting shorter, I can tell. The light begins to slant earlier each evening across my marble top coffee table. In the middle of June, it started that angled pattern at 8:30pm. Today on August 21st, the sun dips toward the horizon at 6:20. I know it’s not time for sunset. My day is cut short by the hill to the west. All I know is that the end of the day is happening earlier, and I am not ready.

I don’t want this change of season to happen, yet I do want the rain to smother the fires and the coolness to tame the rocking and rolling Earth. I haven’t had the luxury of being quiet for very long because of my move. I just would prefer not to face the lengthening night in a place which is not organized to my needs.

There is nothing I can do, save follow any one of the different philosophical suggestions. Some say “Let your expectations go.” Others tell me to “Go with the flow,” or “Love what is.” This is all fine, but a bunch of stuff had changed. I need more time to adjust.

Don’t you feel a little uneasy? The awareness of this lives in my skin. I know I’m not alone when I see short tempers, heated opinions, and talk to those who feel that hope is far away. I have spoken to many who just want what was once to be that way again. “Put it all back,” one woman cried.

Chances are nothing will ever be the same again. What is lasting is going to be what we believe to be true and how we improvise around what remains.

For me, I believe in the Earth. No matter what. I believe this living being will still turn on its axis so that we can see the sun come over the eastern horizon in the morning and down past the western one at night. I believe that even if fire ravages our crust again and again, there will be seeds that will sprout from the soil. Flowers and greenery and food will grow. I believe that we each can be kind to one another. I believe in renewal of life, of hope, of possibilities.

I believe that right now with so much happening, we have the opportunity every evening to find at least one thing for which to be grateful. I believe that in doing that in a meditative practice or not, we can embrace the goodness that is here right in front of us. So many larger issues are outside our ability to change. But, within ourselves and in our families, we can adjust to each other in a way that can bring peace and harmony. From that core, I believe we can begin to settle into whatever is next.

It is this philosophy that helps me appreciate the change in the light this evening. As a bonus it has lowered enough to strike a crystal on a bookshelf and splinter into rainbows on the ceiling and walls. When I see that I will remind myself to be grateful that I am alive and able to observe all these changes, even though I don’t much like some of them. I am also learning where to look so I can see the moon rise and am in sync again with the rhythm of her phases.

These are what are anchoring me in this changing world.


Thanks for reading!

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