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  • Earlene Gleisner

And Now We Stand

How are you coping with so many difficult challenges in the global world and your own families? How can anyone deal with all the unknowns that are besieging us daily?

Is it really enough to ‘just’ work on ourselves? To be conscious of our words, kind in our relationships, caring in our actions?

For over 23 years now, I’ve blogged and maintained a web site, Standing in Balance. This attitude is the only thing that speaks to me as a way to survive my present, deal with my past, and look toward the future.

Standing in balance is like successfully walking a tightrope with no applause coming from an audience. This steadiness of mind, body, emotions, and spirit is how I want to feel inside, for my own health, joy, creativity. It is a hard and constant challenge, believe me.

This philosophy is based on a series of visions I received between 1983 and 2002. When any one of us can stand in a place of kindness, love, and generosity, to ourselves and those around us, we do less harm. I see it as being able to keep the energy, of the ground underneath my feet and just outside the edges of my body, in as much of a healing place as I can muster. So that if any anger, fear, frustration, or disaster comes from some disruption by another person, disaster on our Earth, calamity in our society, I can protect the little space where I stand and perhaps prevent it from going any further. I believe if we each can find that place within us again and again, then we can hinder destruction of all kinds from continuing. We can be like lightning poles on top of the houses where electric storms occur. We can ground the eccentric energy that could destroy life as we know it and help to bring peace.

We signed up for this tour around the galaxy...

We must have had a purpose in mind. Now is the time to realize our gifts and

step forward to offer them. We each have a place of being.

Knowing how to stand in balance in that very place will allow the grace and

energy that we are to expand along the web of life all around our world.

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