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  • Earlene Gleisner

Be Still

Ever have an overwhelming need to sit still? To move through your day so deliberately that you focus only on what’s in front of you or what you absolutely need to accomplish?

The last several months have been like that for me. “Living in Place” is what I’m calling it. This attitude has had its problems especially when I need to interact with others or finish projects that have surprise complications.

But, I had to do something …. different. I was reacting to too many situations which triggered old response patterns. I was feeling totally out of control. These actions were leaving me exhausted.

Many deadlines have fallen through the cracks. However, I was finally able to release the tension build-up in my shoulders. My heartbeat became regular. I ate less junk food. I began to center myself within my own life where I knew I was standing on the Earth between the ground and the sky.

You may not have the luxury of being on your own as I am. And yet, if you only have ten minutes (or one), I invite you to sit or stand still, while bringing your attention to the very edge of your body. Feel whatever is happening there. What’s the texture of the clothes next to your skin. Do you stand on one foot more than the other or are both of your feet planted evenly? What is the scent of the day? The degree of warmth or cold? The sounds you can discern underneath the rush of cars or their horns or the motor of the refrigerator, the water heater. Are you holding your breath or breathing slowly?

That’s all.

Oh, and then say, “Thank you”.

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