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  • Earlene Gleisner

Be Where You Are

The nuances of change are one of the subtleties I’ve been challenging myself to observe and feel recently. I can do it when I keep the TV off and spend more time in the natural world. I’ve been plotting my shopping trips, so I don’t have to feel the frenzy of the coming holidays. The “Binging – Bopping – Buying” push of high energy store music and ads.

Underneath this hubbub of this ‘hurry up and buy’ society, there is another rhythm to life. I’ve been searching for this awareness over the last few months. All the while asking myself, where am I meant to be? What is it I’m supposed to be doing?

The first answer that popped into my head was “Downsize all responsibilities.” The second was “Pay Attention”. And now the third is saying “Do what brings you joy!”

I’m currently revamping this website and my offerings. You’ll be seeing those changes by the first of the year. I’ll be concentrating more on offering specific suggestions for personal, public, and seasonal awareness. Let’s move together to honor each of our gifts and show gratitude to all living beings, animals, stones, mounts, trees, etc. We can do this from our own life arena.

Today I’ll walk in the rain-drenched air and smell the freshness with each breath. What will you do to feel live in the space where you abide?

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