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  • Earlene Gleisner


Our lives are buffeted daily by external circumstances: rise and fall of gasoline prices and stock market, the shift in food prices, weather changes. Even the change from Standard to Daylight Time can make us groan.

Life is definitely feeling as if it’s out of control. We are kept off balance so much that we feel we have to hang on to it for our very lives. We can stick to a routine without fail to provide ourselves with some kind of stability. We can reach for our favorite comfort activities or foods to help cushion our psyches from the disquieting tension. But, sometimes these activities only support a kind of stagnation.

What I’m discovering for myself is that I feel more in control of my own life if I can make one small change of my very own and then wrap my life around it. I’ve changed my environment by giving away a chair and a table in the living room. I feel I have more space, more air to breathe, and I can walk to a back window now and look out. I moved my spices from one cabinet to another. I found flavors I had forgotten I loved, and they are closer to the stove now. I’m planning on moving my bedroom around, just to see if I like the way the light comes in the window better. If I don’t like it, I can l move it back.

What I’m advocating is that we each might find more of our individuality if we feel into our own power by making our own changes for a change.

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