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  • Earlene Gleisner

Clearing for the Future

“Feng Shui Made Easy” by William Spear is a deceptive title. Grabbing onto the concept of balancing energies in a house to improve the energy of one’s life was not hard. I could and can look at the litter building in one corner and recognize a clogging of issues relating to that area of my life. I’ve felt successful at clearing the “stuff” out and opening a space for better career opportunities or helpful friends.

What I hadn’t counted on was that this tried and true method of furniture and plant placement was actually an entire living concept. What? Me clean up my entire act? How I relate to people or not? Go back and redo an event or even apologize for an error? NO, no, no! Rearranging furniture and throwing unused items away is much easier. This cannot be what this traditional home and business treatment means!

And yet, it begins to make sense even more when I dig deeper into this book. Is it easy? Not really! The series of questions offered as ways to review and personally observe the nine areas (baguas) of life and home are depth charges. Take, for instance, the right back corner that encompasses relationships. I always assumed it had to do with being in a couple situation. I didn’t think of it as all my relationships, like with family, friends, the Earth, my clients, etc. I never considered how I reacted or not in the world with my actions and that they affected every other relationship in my circle of life. Digging deeper yet, made me realize that I do not treat everyone and everything equally. I have one persona for one kind of relationship and another kind for others and so on.

And the concept of relationship is not limited to just that relationship bagua. The way I relate to my elders and teachers is also in question, even grandchildren, for that third bagua or with my money in the bagua situated in the far-left corner of the house. My relationships with all manner of things are up for questions throughout my life, my house.

Who would have thought this home decorating technique suggested I look at the very foundation of all that I believe to be true in all of creation.

But it does: “If you keep doing what you are doing (in the past), you will keep getting (in the future) what you’ve always gotten. Something has to change, and with feng shui you have the opportunity to begin to relate to the outer world as if it were simply a reflection of the inner psyche.”

In our current situation on our Earth, I am aware of how many of us are searching for ways to deal with our future while we survive our present. We cannot plan ahead. Too many astrologers, philosophers, psychic counselors, etc. are calling for us to take a reading on our foundational beliefs, to question our past actions, to look forward with a renewed sense of ourselves as compassionate beings living as a part of the whole of nature. Feng Shui might be a tool to help us reflect on what was and what can be.

I wonder what method you might be using to help you settle into whatever comes next for us all.


Thanks for reading!

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