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  • Earlene Gleisner

Holiday Wishes

Several years ago, an illness dropped me toward depression. I stood at a window observing a grey day, full of huge raindrops splattering on the cement walk to my front porch.

Chirping drew my attention to the top of my naked plum tree where a dozen chickadees flittered from one twig to another. I watched as a few at a time plopped themselves onto the roof of my garage. They were queuing up, to bathe in the brimming rain gutter. They seemed to cheer each other on with cheeps, splashing themselves and anyone next to them. Each would jump out, fluff its wings, and then jump back into the flowing water. What was dismal to me was delightful to them. Another lesson in simplicity.

May the peace and simplicity present on our Earth lighten the burdens we all feel we need to carry on our shoulders.

May we slow down enough to share moments of connection with our loved ones, our friends.

May we all embrace, with gratitude, the blessings in our lives and fill ourselves with the Spirit of grace and harmony all year long.

Love to all, Earlene

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