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  • Earlene Gleisner

Imagining Tomorrow

Under the influence of a weekly group with Masami and Chris Covey (, I’ve attained a few personal and profound understandings. Here is my individual interpretation of their discussions.

We've been through alot in the last two years. The chaos of it all has caused stress and the 'singeing' of various synapses in our neuro system. You’ve seen an example of this. Take a hair from your head which is infinitely larger than your nerve endings and bring a lit match close to its end. The hair shrivels and backs up on itself. It disappears. I’m picturing this to mean that parts of our brain and other ‘feeling centers’ are not connected as they once were.

Without these known connections, symptoms of frustration, anger, and anxiety has overtaken many, and our responses are often unpredictable. We don’t feel like ourselves and are often exhausted, just sitting and staring, unable to muster the energy to take care of anything. The fact is, this lack of energy is actually giving our bodies time to find other synapses that have never been in use and then wiring them into a new functioning network.

Our systems are doing the best they can and are utilizing cells that have been in existence within our being, but which have never been used before this time. I’m finding that I have made mental and emotional connections with myself that I never thought were possible.

We can expand the breadth of our neuro network by inserting new insights as they come to us through the process of imaging (This is not the wishful thinking process of manifestation). Imaging is using this opportunity of sitting with our imagination to build a view of possibilities and making that creation happen. This is so important because it's part of the way we can remake ourselves and our world.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, yet again, and unable to do more than take care of your own personal needs, go with it. Rest, stare, breathe, drink water, eat light food, read nonsense, listen to laughter, walk if you can in nature. Ask yourself “What can I imagine for my future?” and “What do I uniquely have to offer the world of tomorrow?”

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