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  • Earlene Gleisner

Weathering Transitions

Today, in Northern California, is the hottest day in two weeks and tomorrow promises to be hotter, but rain is predicted next week with cooler temperatures. It’s been a strange experience this year as winter lags on then one day everything bursts into flower. Only to have a night freeze that makes them shrivel. The forecast is almost useless. It all seems like another lesson in improvisational living. Flowing with what is.

I’m also researching and working on the concepts of transformation/transitions. This is like setting forth an intention, a thought, or a goal toward what I’d like to change in my world (whether it’s my location, my attitude, my connections). I can write it down and hope for the best. Yet, the better way is to picture the end of my dreams and begin to recognize what steps I could take to get to that destination.

The current books are saying that moving toward a goal is more about changing our own attitudes and vibration so that what we want will come to us because we resonate with the vibration of that dream.

Maybe, if I walk in my day as if it’s summer, or at least with a sunny attitude, I can help to bring the desired change in our seasons. And maybe the sunnier attitude will lead me closer to my dreams. And then I wonder if the gloom and doom thoughts of so many might be affecting the weather.

What I do know is that (1) we WILL experience summer, one way or another, and (2) we CAN change our attitudes to bring in a new way of being in the world. Elevating our perspectives could be the way we accomplish both.

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