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  • Earlene Gleisner

Looking Up

Last evening, I walked around my apartment complex, my usual after dinner circuit. Fire engines clanged to a new destination. Traffic whizzed past on the freeway and other nearby roads. With the town hospital less than a mile away, I heard the whipping noise of helicopters arriving and taking off from the helipad. My day was coming to a close, but the world around me continued to bustle with activity.

I must admit that my mind was chaotic with thoughts of past, present, and future. I’d made the mistake of reviewing some news and other announcements before pulling myself out of my house to dutifully add more steps to my exercise regime. I was not in the best of moods.

Halfway through the first round, I stopped myself, realizing I was either watching my feet or some point in the distance. I was plugged in to my head, instead of paying attention to whatever else might be around me in the natural world.

I forced myself to look up and was met with the sight of golden salmon-colored clouds exploding in drifts from the setting sun. And yes, I know those colors represent the chemicals imbedded in the clouds clustered in the sky from fires and pollution. I knew in my head it was another sign of the turmoil and tragedy all over the world.

What took my breath away was its beauty, the threads of brilliant and glorious shades of pink and yellow branching in all directions. If felt like a promise of hope. In all the mess we find ourselves, there are moments of wonder to carry us through.

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