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  • Earlene Gleisner

The Best We Can Do

Fires burn without containment in Australia. Chaos fills the streets of Hong Kong and Paris. War may occur between our country and Iran. What can we do to maintain our sense of balance?

Our communities and families are experiencing increased levels of anxiety for multiple reasons. Where can we turn for solace?

Are there any real answers?

Long ago, a friend’s mother taught me, “Cleared horizontal surfaces reduce stress.” This sounds so simplistic, I know, especially in the tangle of emotions we find ourselves and our world, but I found for myself that she was correct. When I purge the clutter in my home, I reduce the cluttering of my mind. I surround myself with views and moments of seeing and feeling calm. From that point of view, I can offer balance and stability to others around me. I can listen and reflect to them their own wisdom. I can also listen to the wisdom I hold inside myself.

I truly believe every situation, experience, and awareness we have had in our lives, AND how we dealt with them, laid the groundwork for what we need to do in the current situations we find ourselves.

I personally can’t stop the fires in Australia, but I know ways in which to send positive thoughts, prayer, energy (like Reiki bubbles) to that situation. I can send money for life support and restoration. I may want to look at ways I can reduce fire danger around my home and in my community or work on Emergency Preparedness or Climate Change.

I can choose to participate in protests, if that helps me feel like I’m doing something or support efforts for peace and non-violence. I can network with like-minded individuals to brainstorm for local solutions, campaign for preferred political candidates and fair voting.

My best place then to hold compassion and intent is within me by becoming my own still point. Here I can build my sensitivity to how I, as one person, can be of service.

May 2020 be less stressful for us all. May we open our hearts to others and learn forgiveness, if necessary. May we take responsibility for our footprint on our Earth. May we feel the blessed connection with each other and all creatures and living things. May we find Peace within and all around us.

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