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  • Earlene Gleisner

Very Personally Yours

Since I began teaching Reiki, my Mantra has been,

“If there ever comes a time

when the only thing you can do is with your own hands,

I hope you have Reiki.”

I believe that time is now.

The following is an edited chapter, ‘Very Personally Yours’

from my book Reiki In Everyday Living.

Additional comments are in italics.


The only commitment I ask of First-Degree students is that they work on themselves and their own healing. This is part of my growing belief that to increase the positiveness of life and have any possibility of creating change for our world, we each must take responsibility for ourselves.

In the beginning of my time with Reiki, I forgot these very teachings of Ms. Takata:

First, heal yourself

Then, your family and friends,

Only then work on others

I have come to understand that Universal Life Energy pours through our bodies, filling our needs before it transfers to another person's need. This is what allows us to remain at an even level of energy during multiple sessions for others. It also means that when we have a more-than-average imbalance in ourselves, physically, mentally, or emotionally, we use Reiki at the same or at a greater rate than our capacity to channel it.

It became extremely important then for me to focus on my own needs and attitudes so I could stand in the "allowing" mode. I learned that I would be less able to be present for another in my best, non-judgmental way if I was so depleted from not having worked on my own issues.

Takata's words resonated in my head:

First, Heal yourself

Thus, self-treatment has become my most important tool. This can be accomplished by following the same precise system learned in class. It can also be accomplished by placing your hands over an area that is need.

(Whatever the sequence of hand positions that you have been taught, you can adapt the placement of your hands on your own body to match. Do what fits with that teaching.)

Treating yourself is sometimes hampered by the fact that you may not get clear-cut messages from your hands in areas of need. Shifts in sensations are less easily noticed so you can just move your hands when the hand-positions become tiring. Remember to use breath to assist your relaxation. Of course, Reiki is always at hand for small accidents during the day and when you feel depleted of energy. If you notice early symptoms of a cold, place one or both hands on the Thymus position. This can be done while you are watching tv or driving your car while you steer with the other hand. This helps to boost your immune system.

Be aware that your body may very well be sending you a message for rest and more complete attention.

In the tapes and stories, we have found of Ms. Takata, we know that she treated herself every morning. She acknowledged herself and brought her energies into balance so she could live her day in fullness. She lived her own words.

I'm asking you to accept Reiki as an integral part of your life too and make it very personally yours..

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