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Whether you are newly interested in Energy Medicine or a long-time student of Reiki, Universal Energy, you will appreciate and find inspiration in this Second Edition.

Reiki in Everyday Living

  • Reiki In Everyday Living has been used by Reiki Masters of all lineages as an inspirational addition to their classes.

    For this Second Edition, three new essays have been added to the original collection which inspired those either newly interested in Energy Medicine or who were long-time students of the Usui System of Natural Healing. The original edition wrote itself and has been finding its way in the world, placing itself in the hands of those who want support in their process of standing in the center of this energy and offering it to all they may touch. It was translated into four languages and distributed in Europe, India, South America, and South Africa. This new edition, with its energetic cover, is doing no less.

  • “This second edition has the same steady inspiration that was present in the first edition but is now formatted in a style that is easier to read with little bullets to the side that stuck in my mind for days.”   Amy Erez, Reiki Master, Concord, California


    “What a joy to have so much heart felt inspiration in one place. This is a book that will never grow old to me.”  Steve Green, Reiki Second Degree, Wichita Kansas


    Of the original edition, Phyllis Furimoto, Grand Master of the Reiki Alliance said, “I read your book (Reiki In Everyday Living) and found it to be relatively clear of leading assumptions and dogmatic statements. I am happy about this.”


    Sigmar Gerken of LifeRhythm, publisher of Reiki:Universal Energy by Bodo Baginsky and Living Reiki: Takata’s Teachings wrote:  “I believe (Reiki In Everyday Living) comes from a broad universal source and will be helpful to many.”

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