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The Earth Bundle

  • Amach’s world is disintegrating as her tribe huddles under threat from a malevolent spirit, a rival tribe threatening war, and the loss of their water source. While searching for another spring, Lebara falls and is tragically hurt. Amach must learn to stand alone and forgive as she seeks to help her people.

    Selena and Flyn face changes in their relationship caused by the appearance of Flyn’s real daughter from West Virginia.. Both are drawn into their other worlds with Tanno acting as their link between the ‘there’ and the ‘here and now’. Flyn’s uncle, Brandon, becomes another tether for Flyn when he arrives unexpectedly from South Dakota.

    With more questions than answers, all must learn to seek balance in their own lives in order to bring stability to their relationships with themselves, each other, the Earth, and their spiritual paths. What each learns individually becomes a pivotal part of what they all learn together.

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