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In this first episode of “The Runaway Series”, Sam and Lydia face the challenges of running away from home and their family of four children and three grandchildren. It’s just the beginning of their adventures in their Air Stream. 

The Escape

  • Sometimes dreams come true. Sam hopes he can loosen the ties that bind his wife, Lydia, to their home in the outskirts of Wichita, Kansas, so he can pursue his desire to travel. Both know if they tell their plans to their family, they will meet with dire predictions of failure and every kind of roadblock. So, they’re going to run away, that is, if Lydia will just make her decision to join him.

    It’s not surprising that after their parents disappear, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Robert, and Norma have a hard time believing their folks just up and left them without a word. When they gather in the house where nothing is supposed to ever change, they have to cope with the reality of their new situation and with each other.

    As the weeks have passed, Sam and Lydia have begun to grow apart, which is hard to do living full-time in a 30-foot Airstream trailer. An event has cast a shadow across Lydia’s heart, but Sam’s love and his very special secret help them regain enthusiasm for their unfolding adventure, which has just begun.

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