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The Marriage Bundle begins the circular tale of intense relationships across time. While presenting the entangled lives of Selena, Amach, and Flyn, Selena’s story I is featured. This is the first part of “The Sacred Bundle Series”, a quadrangle of books offering universal teachings to all peoples of the Earth.

The Marriage Bundle

  • "The Marriage Bundle" opens the door between worlds as it braids four stories and three timelines into a mysterious link between centuries of existence.

    Selena Howells, a psychic body worker, is inhabited again by a demanding spirit guide, Amach, who warns of danger and pulls Selena into visions of another world where events parallel challenges in Selena's life. Flashbacks between 1982-1985, when Amach first entered Selena's life, bring background to their rocky relationship.

    The chronological events in the lives of Selena and Flyn Devon, her current love, are the main thread of the novel's tapestry. We travel with them between Oakland, CA, and Selena's cabin in the Northern California woods during the highs and lows of their relationship as well as their separation, when Flyn deals with a 'not-so' ex-wife who is dying of AIDS.

    When Estelle, a long-time friend, creates a marriage bundle to bind herself with an unattainable love, she includes a talisman of Selena's that locks the three of them together for eternity. Lonesome for Flyn and desperate about her predicament with Estelle, Selena immerses herself into Amach's world where a similar marriage bundle has caused a murder. Discovering how to undo the bundle, Amach shows Selena how to release the binding in her own world.

  • “There are many golden threads in the tapestry of this romantic, psychic mystery.”
    JaneAnne Narrin, Reiki Master, Author of ‘One Degree Beyond: A Journey into Energy Medicine.


    "I'm usually not much for fiction. However, I got Earlene's book just a couple of days ago, and I couldn't put it down. Earlene weaves together many layers of time and space in this modern-day tale. I love how she put it all together and includes the senses. Besides being about the supernatural and the spirit world, it is a love story. Be prepared to devote time to reading and forget about the mundane world. An exciting read!"
    Joann Skywatcher


    "I expected this book to be interesting and smart, because Earlene is a smart, interesting woman, but I didn’t think I’d read until I fell asleep, or while the pots boiled over on the stove! This book was, as promised, a psychic, romantic mystery, and it was wonderfully sexy too! Where is book two?"
    Susan Bono, editor, writing coach, author

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