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Flyn is given the honor and duty to care for his grandfather’s Spirit Bundle for the year following the old man’s death. He faces the demons of his past so he can assist Selena with her knotted relationship with Amach around and about time. The teachings continue for all.


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The Spirit Bundle

  • "I am happy to be near you", a familiar voice whispered in Flyn's head. "Do not fear the Quest. Face your deeds and misdeeds. You will come out even in the end".

    In this second book of “The Sacred Bundle Series,” the story continues the paranormal adventures of Selena Howells, Amach, and Flyn Devon which began in The Marriage Bundle. Flyn was chosen by his deceased Grandfather to perform a year-long mission of caring for the old man’s Spirit Bundle that will culminate in a holy Lakota ritual. Selena is plagued by a dark shadow, and Amach is held hostage by the jealous, self-appointed leader of her tribe.

    The Spirit Bundle is a rich and very human story of personal growth and spirituality, with a page-turning plot that will grab you by the heart and hold you fast until the very end. Required reading for all lovers of Visionary Fiction.

  • Overall, I enjoyed the storyline and feel of the book. Whenever I picked it up, I got sucked in. It’s an enjoyable read. I have enjoyed reading both of the “Bundle” books. In reading this one, I find myself contemplating how the characters are interconnected across time and space. I also find myself thinking about my own relationships, the people I draw to me, and the lessons we are learning.
    SG, Chicago, IL

    "This is a valuable book on so many levels."
    NR, Oakland, CA

    "It is a beautifully written, well-constructed and full of intrigue. The storylines are complicated, intermingling and overlapping but they are defined clearly enough so that we know what is going on all the time. It is clearly a very crafted piece of work. It never lagged. I was always looking to find out what happened next. An absolute page-turner ... at times wretched and at other times light and wonderful."
    KG, Mendocino, CA

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