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The Women's Bundle

  • Having performed the Circle of Understanding, Amach is now allowed access to The Women’s Bundle, which offers her increased healing ability, generational information about her tribe, and a link with her own ancestors. Still a prisoner and charged with murdering Tabor, she sees oncoming dangers and possible solutions for all.​

    Selena is pulled deeper into Amach’s world while seeking help in healing her crippling left hand and the chasm between she and her daughter. With the help of Roxie, a counselor friend, Selena experiences other methods of visioning and healing. The most surprising tool is a modern women’s bundle constructed 20 years ago by Roxie and her women friends who wanted to bond in friendship and ceremony.

    Seriously injured in a beating and robbery, Flyn develops a friendship with Tanno, an Apache/Cherokee man who follows Spirit Guidance and saves Flyn and Selena in the desert. Their unusual alliance creates more questions than answers and is far more than it seems.

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